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Fares & Passes

CARTS delivers transportation to customers covering a seventy-five hundred square mile region surrounding the Texas capital city.

You can always pay exact cash fare on board for all services. Driver can not make change.

Purchase via the Journey App

Only for Interurban, Country bus or Metro Connector

Purchase via the CARTS NOW app

Only for on-demand service in select cities

Call or Visit a CARTS Station

Explore hassle-free transit with CARTS. Our easy-to-understand fare zones ensure transparent pricing.

Connect with our Customer Service for fare details.

Enjoy half-price fares for eligible riders for:

  • Registered CARTS customers
  • Seniors 65+
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Children under 12
  • For regular travelers, our monthly pass offers unlimited rides on specified transit services.

Discover convenience with CARTS.

For more information on fare prices by service, visit our SERVICE page.


Trips taken within a town or city


Trips taken within the same county


Trips taken between multiple counties

CARTS is introducing a new way to purchase bus passes with the new Journey app by Bytemark.

The Journey by Bytemark App offers the easiest way to buy passes for public transit. Just sign up, purchase fares from any of our partner agencies, present your pass to the operator while boarding, and you’re off! You can also purchase a ticket for someone else and send it to them through the app. Pay using Credit, Debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also split payments between credit cards. Happy Journey!

The app can be used to purchase bus passes on the CARTS Interurban, Country Bus, and Metro Connector services. This app cannot be used on the CARTS NOW on-demand services offered in select cities. 

CARTS NOW is a low-cost, on-demand ride service that will allow the citizens to get from point A to point B on their own time.

CARTS NOW has no predetermined routes or schedules, and rides are available within 15 minutes of scheduling.

This service provides curb-to-curb transportation between any two points within the Bastrop, Lockhart, Marble Falls, and Taylor City Limits. Users can request a ride from anywhere in town and meet their driver at a nearby curb or corner to be dropped off at a curb near their destination. The service is not limited to trips that bring riders to and from CARTS stations or transit stops.


Journey by Bytemark is a streamlined mobile ticketing app for use on public transportation.

Journey by Bytemark is available for iOS and Android devices.

No. The Journey by Bytemark app is free to download and there are no additional fees for purchasing or using a pass or ticket.

Purchasing Tickets

The Journey by Bytemark app will accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and these credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club.

Yes. If you would like to receive receipts for your purchases, navigate to account information in the settings screen and add in your email address. Receipts will be emailed to you immediately after making a purchase.

Yes, you can buy passes and tickets in advance. Purchase as many as you like and then use them when you want. Passes do not expire until they are activated.

Purchased passes and tickets will show up in the Pass Wallet screen. When you are ready to get on the bus and activate the ticket an alert will pop up asking if you are sure you want to activate the ticket.

Refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please visit the Help section of the Journey by Bytemark app for assistance.

Processing Payment

Your credit card information will not be stored with Journey by Bytemark, but rather the industry leading payment processor, Stripe. Stripe prides itself on security and encrypts all information.

You can add or remove credit/debit cards from your account by going to the “Payment” screen.

Using Tickets

You can access your purchased tickets and passes in the “Pass Wallet” screen. There, you will see your tickets and/or passes sorted by purchase date and time (most recent purchase is on top). To activate just one ticket/pass, simply tap the “Use” button on the ticket or pass you would like to activate. You will be prompted to confirm activation. An internet connection is only required for purchasing a ticket. It is NOT required to activate it.

After you have activated your ticket, the expirations date at the bottom of your digital ticket will let you know how much longer your ticket will remain active.

Tickets don’t expire until they are activated.


In most cases, refunds for unused tickets can be issued (no refunds allowed for RCTA).