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Introducing Carts Now in Bastrop, Texas!

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CARTS, the Capital Area Rural Transportation System, is a public transportation service offering low-cost rides in and around non-urbanized areas across nine counties in Central Texas.

CARTS offers on-demand rides within the City Limits of Bastrop, Texas. 

CARTS NOW services do not serve school zones. 

What is CARTS Now?

CARTS Now is a low-cost, on-demand ride service that will allow the citizens of Bastrop to get from point A to point B on their own time. CARTS Now has no predetermined routes or schedules, and rides are available within 15 minutes of scheduling.

This service will provide curb-to-curb transportation between any two points within the City of Bastrop, meaning users can request a ride from anywhere in Bastrop and meet their driver at a nearby curb or corner to be dropped off at a curb near their destination. The service is not limited to trips that bring riders to and from CARTS stations or transit stops.

How does it work?

Anyone requesting a ride within the Bastrop city limits has two options:

 Download the CARTS Now App and request a ride
 Call a direct line (512) 505-5666

What are the hours of operation?

Service hours are Monday – Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with no predetermined routes or schedules.

Does the rider need to schedule the ride ahead of time?

No, users can request a ride any time during service hours and a vehicle will arrive within 15 minutes.

How is CARTS keeping passengers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

CARTS is taking all necessary safety precautions to comply with COVID-19 recommendations. These include spaced seating, barriers to separate drivers and passengers, increased ventilation, regularly disinfecting surfaces, sanitizing vehicles, and limiting riders per vehicle. Additionally, face coverings are required for all riders and operators.

What vehicles are used for rides?

Users will be able to choose whether to ride in an open-air electric cab or in a CARTS Now van. Electric cabs with open windows are available at no cost to the user within a limited service area in Central Bastrop. CARTS Now vans can operate in an extended service for a low cost.  

What is the cost per ride?

Rides are $2 each way, with discounts available.

Rides are free for Veterans for medical trips and are discounted to half rates for seniors 65 and older, persons with disabilities and children under 12.

Electric cab rides are offered at no cost, due to a partnership with Lone Star Clean Fuel Alliance and a grant provided by the US Department of Energy.

How do you pay?

Riders can pay with cash or can connect a credit card to pay in the app.

Does Medicaid pay for CARTS Now rides?

Currently, Medicaid is not a payor for CARTS Now rides. However, Medicaid patients may still utilize the service and pay the regular rate. For parents traveling to appointments with children, CARTS Now may be a better solution than scheduling a ride through Medicaid, given that Medicaid only provides payment for one guardian and one child. A family traveling with children can utilize the CARTS Now service without limits.

Can medical providers provide vouchers for their patients to ride CARTS Now?

Medical providers who are interested in purchasing rides for their patients, may pay CARTS Now directly or contact to inquire about purchasing vouchers in advance.

Can passengers bring car seats?

As a public transit service, CARTS is exempt from requiring car seats on their buses; however, passengers may choose to bring a car seat and install it for the duration of the ride. Car seats must be taken with passengers at their destination and may not be left on the bus.

How can I help a client who is trying to access an appointment outside of the City of Bastrop?

In addition to the CARTS Now services in the City of Bastrop, CARTS offers a variety of ride options to connect into urban and non-urban areas in the 9-county Central Texas service area. To schedule a connecting ride into Austin or other locations, call CARTS to inquire about connections or visit

Are the eCabs part of CARTS NOW?

eCabs no longer operate as a CARTS NOW service but will continue to serve the downtown Bastrop area only. They have new evening and weekend service.

Monday through Thursday 3 pm - 9 pm 

Friday and Saturday 2 pm - 10 pm

Sundays 10 am - 6 pm


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