Metro Connector (Manor/Elgin Express 990)
Metro Connector (Manor/Elgin Express 990)

Metro Connector (Manor/Elgin Express 990)

Elgin to Austin (black route)
Elgin to Manor
$2 one way

Capmetro from Manor
$3.50 one way

Seniors and person with disabilities eligible for half-fares. Please contact us for more details.

512/478  RIDE (7433)

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The Elgin (Manor/Elgin Express 990) provides bus service from Downtown Elgin (Depot St) with stops at Memorial Park, Manor, Koenig and Guadalupe, Guadalupe at 23rd and 6th and Lavaca and 3rd in Downtown Austin. The connector routes extends service from Elgin Park & Ride lot to the Capital Metro buses and Metro Rail. The route provides service for persons wishing to travel for the weekday commute to Austin for work, shopping or other purposes.  Please see each individual route for schedules times, park & ride locations, fare and other information.

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 For Additional Information Call CARTS at:

(512) 478 RIDE (7433)

Elgin Metro Connector Route

Manor/Elgin Express 990 - Weekdays Westbound - MONDAY-FRIDAY

Westbound to Austin

Stop Departure Times
Downtown Elgin Depot St. (Between Ave B & C) 5:38a 6:23a 7:38a
Elgin Park & Ride Memorial Park 5:45a 6:30a 7:45a
Manor Park & Ride 6:02a 7:02a 8:02a
Koenig at Guadalupe 6:25a 7:25a 8:28a
Guadalupe at 23rd 6:40a 7:40a 8:43a
Guadalupe at 6th 6:47a 7:47a 8:50a

Manor/Elgin Express 990 - Weekdays Eastbound - MONDAY-FRIDAY

Eastbound to Elgin

Stop Departure Times
Lavaca and 3rd 4:10p 5:10p 6:20p
Guadalupe at 23rd 4:22p 5:22p 6:32p
Koenig at Guadalupe 4:39p 5:39p 6:49p
Manor Park & Ride 5:03p 6:03p 7:13p
Elgin Park & Ride Memorial Park 5:21p 6:21p 7:31p
Downtown Elgin Depot St (Between Ave B & C) 5:26p 6:26p 7:36p