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West Point to Bastrop

Route Day Departure Return Fare
Mon, Wed & Fri 9:15 am 2:00 pm $6.00

Enjoy the convenience of having a CARTS bus pick you up at your home, take you to your destination, and then back home again. Ideal for disabled individuals or others requiring special assistance, Community Transit service provides curb-to-curb transportation throughout Central Texas.  To schedule your ride call 1-800-456-RIDE (7433) Rides are scheduled Monday thru Friday, from 7:00am to 4:00pm. 24-hours advance notice recommended. Same day reservations can be made based on availabilty. Local vehicles serve neighboring towns, so ride times may vary. We’ll set up a time for pickup within our time slots of general availability. On your first call we will request information to enter into your customer profile, and after that we will know you when you call. The CARTS Community Transit service can help you or someone you know who needs a ride for shopping, city business, medical appointments, work, nutrition visits or any other purpose.

Journey App

CARTS is introducing a new way to purchase bus passes with the new Journey app by Bytemark.
The Journey by Bytemark App offers the easiest way to buy passes for public transit. Just sign up, purchase fares from any of our partner agencies, present your pass to the operator while boarding, and you’re off! You can also purchase a ticket for someone else and send it to them through the app. Pay using Credit, Debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also split payments between credit cards. Happy Journey!

The app can be used to purchase bus passes on the CARTS Interurban, Country Bus and Metro Connector services. This app can not be used on the CARTS NOW on-demand services offered in select cities.

National Connections

Bus and Train Services: CARTS operates intercity bus terminals for Greyhound and makes connections to Greyhound stations. Which can take care of your shipping or travel needs nationwide. At our San Marcos Station, AMTRAK rail service is also available. Visit the CARTS web site at for station address and further information.

Grasshopper Service

CARTS customers who use the Interurban Coach Routes into Austin can schedule a connecting ride from the CARTS Station to medical appointments or other business in Austin. The Grasshopper Service must be booked in advance and passengers must meet certain eligibility requirements (registered CARTS customer of age 65 or older, persons pre-approved under the reduced Fare program, CARTS ADA Eligibility Guidelines or Veterans traveling to a VA Center). Connecting rides subject to availability & offered at all CARTS stations.

Fares are set by zones. A CARTS customer service agent will inform you of ride costs when booking the trip. All fares are based on a oneway trip. Half-price fare is available for registered CARTS Customers, Seniors 65 and older, Persons with Disabilities, and Children Under 12.


Trips taken within a town or city


Trips taken within the same county


Trips taken between multiple counties

We’re here for you.

The online services are here to help customers communicate with our Reservations Center. Call our Reservations Center at 512-478-7433 to talk to a Reservationist about your trip or get information about our services.